Ten Ways To Preserve A Marriage Whilst Towing

October 6, 2015      David Wilson

Here’s some simple rules that work for 4WD, camper and marriage preservation and based around our experience hiring Kimberley camper trailers for the last 15 years: 1. Tyre Pressure 1 – Your 4WD will have a tyre placard near the … Continued

Electronic 4WD Activation

October 17, 2014      David Wilson

Over the 20 years we’ve been in business it’s been fascinating to see the evolution of the modern 4WD, some of it’s good, some on the face of it not so. Despite what the hard-core fraternity might think, the loss … Continued

Summer 4WD Safety

September 29, 2014      David Wilson

  Government and industry business usually doesn’t take much of a holiday over summer, so whilst the rest of the world is kicking back and relaxing, plenty of dedicated souls are attending to the management of public lands and infrastructure. … Continued

Tyre Dramas on 200 Series LandCruiser No More!

August 7, 2014      David Wilson

South Australian Government in the delivery of its services in the Outback is now using the “poverty-pack” Toyota 200 Series wagon in increasing numbers. It’s a good wagon choice, bristling with driver safety electronics and 4WD systems that make it … Continued

Wet weather tyre selection

July 23, 2014      David Wilson

Any time of the year is a good time to have plenty of tread, but in winter never a truer word was said. Tyres and that all-important grip provided mean the difference between getting somewhere or not. One of the … Continued

Wet weather and four-wheel-driving

July 23, 2014      David Wilson

Well we’re in the soggy depths of winter and winter of 2014 has been especially wet in South Australia. With the reservoirs full and the ground sodden any 4WD excursion is likely to be a pretty slippery affair. Let’s take … Continued

How To Ruin A Holiday

December 16, 2013      David Wilson

Xmas is upon us and for many of you you’ll likely be planning a 4WD break somewhere in this fabulous country of ours. I’m planning a coastal holiday with some fishing and surfing time, for others it might be in … Continued

Don’t Work Under A Jack

December 8, 2013      David Wilson

There’ll likely be more than one time in the driving career of the average driver when they have to use a jack. It might be to replace a flat tyre or to service a vehicle. In either event it pays … Continued

How To Bugger Perfectly Good Rubber

July 30, 2013      David Wilson

Tyres are a really important aspect of our business. A lot of our training revolves around it because it is after all, the one and only contact patch between you and the road. The other issue is that they’re also … Continued