How To Bugger Perfectly Good Rubber

July 30, 2013      David Wilson

Tyres are a really important aspect of our business. A lot of our training revolves around it because it is after all, the one and only contact patch between you and the road. The other issue is that they’re also … Continued

Too Many Spares???

July 2, 2013      David Wilson

Just last week I was in Port Augusta delivering some training to SA Government. Leaving my accommodation on Friday morning I noted a 150 Prado parked alongside me and I had a quick look at its fitout. It struck me that it … Continued

4WDing in Winter

June 24, 2013      David Wilson

Well we’re well and truly in the depths of Winter now having just passed the solstice. One thing that is obvious here in Adelaide at the moment and surrounding rural areas is there’s been a LOT of rain about which … Continued

Scarred For Life

June 19, 2013      David Wilson

We spend a fair bit of time in here on motorcycles, ATVs in particular and at other times privately riding road bikes. It never ceases to amaze us when in the classroom the response we get to asking what PPE … Continued

ROPS on ATVs, To Be or Not To Be???

June 17, 2013      David Wilson

We do a lot of ATV training in this business and we’re always keen to pursue and promote the safest means of transport when using an ATV. There’s been on average over the last few years around 15-22 people dying … Continued

Torque Vectoring

June 13, 2013      David Wilson

We love new technology in here, especially when it comes to road safety. With the advent of VSC (vehicle stablility control) we’ve noted the predilection of modern 4WDs to resist changes in direction (as the technology was designed to do). … Continued

Driving Lights

January 13, 2011      David Wilson

Are You Seeing Clearly? Long distances often mean driving into the night and ordinary 4WD headlights could best be described as poor when it comes to illumination. You really need a pair of quality driving lights to turn night into … Continued