ATVs are great fun and offer unparalleled access to really out-of-the-way places. Unfortunately they also have a reputation for being dangerous. In 2011 some 22 Australians died whilst riding their quad bikes and it shouldn’t have been so. With the right mindset and preparation it’s possible to make yourself safe and we’ve got the course to help you on your way.

The course is conducted on a Saturday at our purpose-built 4WD test track. We’ll kick off with a comprehensive analysis of what your pre-start checks should include and it goes beyond making sure there’s oil in the crankcase! We’ll examine the chassis and suspension, your tyre condition and pressure, rack and load placement to give you the best start. Whilst we’re there too we’ll make sure you’ve got the right gear on, because your PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is what will save you if you take a tumble.

The riding initially makes you aware of the controls, how to make a turn and stop, with reminders of the importance of body mass and shifting it where it can do the most good… keeping wheels on the ground. Bit by bit we’ll build your confidence and even if you are completely new to ATVs you’ll see your fears and anxiety wash away as we tackle progressively more difficult terrain. You’ll learn how to ascend gradients, deal with soft surfaces, what happens on a sideslope (best avoided), cope with dense vegetation and rocks, all in a program that works for the recreational user venturing into the wild, as well as a hobby farmer dealing with chores around the property.

Ideally you’ll have your own agricultural ATV (not suited to racing bikes) or if you can’t provide one, we can hire you one of our Yamaha 350 4WDs for the day (see fees below). If you do have a bike you’ll likely have some PPE, so please bring a functional helmet (we prefer MX style full-face versions), unbreakable lens sunglasses or goggles, leather gloves, long sleeves and pants, sturdy work boots and in Winter a waterproof jacket (again MX style clothing is best). If you don’t have some, or all of this gear, let us know and we can lend you suitable items for the day.

At day’s end you’ll know how to load and unload the bike, ride it in a demanding environment and acquire skills that will likely prevent serious injury or death.

  • Carry out pre-start essentials
  • Ensure you are personally kitted out as safely as possible
  • Build confidence quickly and safely!
  • Learn proven techniques designed to make you safe and keep you mobile

You Need

  • An ATV in good condition with trackworthy tyres (not bald please)
  • Your own PPE (see above)
  • If you haven’t got an ATV we can hire you a Yamaha Bruin 350 4WD for $175/day
  • Your lunch and drinks (sorry no alcohol) or you can elect to buy lunch in Lyndoch during the break
  • Don’t forget the video or camera!


  • $495 per person
  • RAA Members receive 10% off, just quote your membership number or use the coupon code RAA when Booking Online
  • Book with Adventure 4WD (phone 83420202, or Book Online)
  • Ask about a gift voucher, it’s a great way to say you care!

Locations and Times

  • We’ll meet you in the Main Street of Lyndoch at 0930 on the day and get you to follow us to the property
  • Dates are scheduled according to demand, call us for advice, minimum numbers may apply
  • Check with us for rain or excessive heat cancellations based on the forecast conditions for the day

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