Exercise Needed To Be Done Before Buying a Best Laptop for Gaming

Track Tests      May 24, 2009      David Wilson

To find out one of the best laptop for gaming purpose, one needs to access at first requirements for laptop. Higher are the needs of laptops, more are the expenses required. After finalising the requirements of laptops in mind, a person start researching for laptop. Best laptops under $500 for gaming are available with great variety today.

It is essential to have research of all resellers; one is going to shop from. Usually, study of following computer specifications is required before purchasing a Best Gaming Monitors under 200

Exercise Needed To Be Done Before Buying

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  • Processor Type- What is the speed of processor? Faster is the speed of processor (which is measured in gigahertz). Faster will be the laptop. One should always buy fastest laptop as possible. It makes the laptop to last for longer. Now days, there are quad core processors, which are four cores, that can offer great benefits that too in multi-threaded applications. Most of the latest kinds of games support multi-core processors.
  • Operating System of Laptop- Current operating system is Windows 7. There is great need of quick update of professional version and there should be availability of comparison of versions online.
  • Memory of Laptop- Laptop should have ability of multitasking. More is the memory of laptop (RAM), more will be ability to do task at once and in faster mode. It is suggested to have memory around 4GB and preferably 8GB, whereas speed should be around DDR3-1066.
  • Display of Laptop- The size of monitor of laptop should vary from 8.6 inches to 19 inches. Resolution of screen decides how big or small will the icons; text as well as windows will appear. Lower will be the resolution, bigger will everything appear. For finding out total amount of pixels in resolution, one should multiply height by width. Everything in screen has to compress into same size space with help of pixels. It is suggested that laptop with higher resolution should be purchased.
  • Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) of Laptop- The video card will decide what amount of load will be taken by processor for performing graphical intensive task. One should buy only best card for system. As it is not possible to upgrade video card, thus it should be selected very wisely. It is usually based on size of laptop.
  • Hard Drive of Laptop- At present time, there are two kinds of hard drives available, i.e. standard mechanical drives as well as solid state drives. The mechanical drives are usually slower and are of older technology. They generally have moving parts inside the drive and thus are much slower than new solid state drives that have flash based memory. Solid state drives are quite expensive today for amount of storage space and are affordable for consumers. RPM (rotations per minute) is the speed of hard drive. Usually 7200 rpm is recommended.
  • Optical Drive of Laptop- Now day’s laptops should have dual layer DVD burner. Each of the dual layer DVDs should have maximum capacity of 9.4 GB. Blu ray reader and blu ray burner are also available. It is essential to have both Blu-Ray reader/writes.

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