Air Compressors – Must-Have 4WD Accessory?

February 5, 2015      David Wilson

I reckon the single most-important accessory (apart from a reliable tyre pressure gauge) is an air compressor. Having the ability to raise and lower tyre pressures at will is incredibly important for a 4WD. You see a tyre’s life revolves around 3 simple premises, and they are the relationship between PRESSURE>LOAD>SPEED. If you change one, […]

Bridgestone D697LT Desert Duelers Tick All My Boxes

June 21, 2013      David Wilson

Here at Adventure 4WD we clock up some serious kilometres in a year and often on some of the roughest roads going. Added to that are demands placed on a tyre delivering 4WD training sessions that absolutely rip the living daylights out of tread condition and life. Some of the most demanding of those sessions are seen on the Defensive […]