If you’re a Commonwealth Government agency in need of a dedicated towing program whilst using a 4WD vehicle as the tow host, this program is the most comprehensive we can offer. It is delivered as either a half-day or full day format. Depending on your needs and skills development you’ll opt for either the morning session if you have previous experience with towing tasks, or take the full day if you are a novice tow driver.

The morning session commences with a Power Point presentation that concentrates on analysing the capacity of the tow vehicle to do the task. Recent legislation changes have focussed on operators being fully aware of the GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass), GCM (Gross Combination Mass) and the variables of the trailer/caravan load. Beyond that there’s the all-important issues of thorough preparation in addition to understanding what will go on when on the road. The morning practical will involve a short familiarisation drive before the real test, an intensive session on parking with a tow vehicle, including numerous reversing scenarios. If you’re comfortable with towing then you’ll easily complete this session, if not then the afternoon may be required for further development.

Session two involves further development with an extended afternoon road and track drive incorporating defensive driving elements including emergency braking and vehicle handling. Whilst the challenges of driving a tow vehicle are many and varied, the greatest safety risks always occur at speed, so having some idea of what to expect where hard and heavy braking is required, or avoiding a jack-knife style loss of control or a rollover is an imperative. If desired a return to the low speed manoeuvring can be incorporated towards day’s end to confirm that the driver has a well-rounded experience and is ready with a commitment to practice into the future, to develop their skills.

  • Develop an understanding of the impact of loads on the vehicle’s dynamics
  • Drive defensively and adopt policy recommendations your organisation may have mandated
  • Maintain vehicle in accordance with your pre-start and post-drive requirements
  • Ensure loads are within the vehicle’s capacity and tyres are set to right pressures
  • Not be intimidated by that weight and the dimensions

You Need

  • A 4WD vehicle in good condition, load secured and with a full tank of fuel, a trailer/caravan
  • If you haven’t got a vehicle or trailer we can arrange the hire from our preferred suppliers
  • Your lunch and drinks or you can elect to buy lunch at the lunch stop
  • Clothing appropriate for the forecast conditions and closed footwear
  • Hat, sunscreen and sunnies


  • $290 per person per session (ex-Adelaide/minimum numbers apply)
  • Discounts may apply to group bookings, POA
  • Add regional delivery fees (where applicable)

Locations and Times

  • Refer to calendar for dates, courses scheduled regularly ex-Adelaide
  • Meet at, 45 North East Road, Collinswood (at bus stop 12 heading out from city) from 7.45am on
  • Session commences at 8.00am and concludes around 5.30pm each day

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