power lineUtilities, Engineering and Infrastructure 4WD training can be found here!

If you work for a utility or infrastructure provider in telemetry, communications, power, water or engineering, Adventure 4WD will have a course to suit you. We’ve spent a lot of time listening to the needs of our many and varied clients and have designed programs that are relevant and importantly are designed to make you safe.

Across all vehicle types and in all sorts of locations there’s a pretty good chance we’ve delivered a driver training program that has elevated the skills level of the attendees so they can be better prepared for any eventuality.

We invite you to select a course from the menu on the right as a starting point. We reckon the nuts and bolts of these programs will suit many operations, but we are always happy to discuss your individual requirements.

You can call David during office hours on +61 8 8342 0202 (for international enquiries), or 08 8342 0202 (within Australia), whilst his mobile number is 0429 097 994. Via email [email protected]