Today the mining industry is one of the nation’s most important income generators. Right across the country are mine sites big and small that are making a massive contribution to the wealth and welfare of all Australians.

Protecting the interests of those hard-working folk engaged in the exploration and development of mines are a raft of OHS&W policies and rules that govern how all procedures should be undertaken. Eliminating unnecessary risk in the workplace is a high-priority. That duty of care extends to the use of Light Vehicles too and for extra good reason because of all the tools found at the workplace, Light Vehicles constitute the greatest risk.

It shouldn’t be so but unfortunately there are a lot of variables when driving a 4WD vehicle…

  • Driver Competency –
  • Quality Of The Roads –
  • Vehicle Suitability & Set-Up –
  • The Environment You’re Working In –

We’ve drawn on our ample experience to create a series of courses that meet most clients needs, usually only needing subtle modification to accommodate individual driving/safety policy requirements, organisation by organisation. One of the most stringent is BHP Billiton’s “Fatal Risk Control Protocols” which identify the most likely causes of death and injury whilst using Light Vehicles. We’ve used those and other best practices to underpin our training and it shows, with dynamic delivery, excellent retention and great long-term outcomes. 

If you’ve got a training need at your mine site anywhere in Australia or anywhere in the world, ask us about how we might assist.

We invite you to select a course from the menu on the right as a starting point. We reckon the nuts and bolts of these programs will suit many operations, but we are always happy to discuss your individual requirements.

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