Mining Industry Hybrid On & Off-Road 4WD (1.25 Day Duration)

If your business works to an extended working day and you don’t have the luxury of a lot of time to complete your training needs then the Hybrid 4WD program may just suit you perfectly. With the core elements of two courses utilised to create this extended format, we’ll manage to squeeze in an informative theory session and two outstanding practicals in condensed form in the one day.

The opening theory session uses Power Point to examine all aspects of the operation of the vehicle and across the likely surfaces faced by the operators. We’ll lay down very important ground rules that will underpin their future driving before undertaking the first of the practical sessions. The Defensive training zeros in on vehicle handling and why 4WD on dirt is so important, in addition to braking using both ABS and threshold techniques to good effect. The off-road tasks combine the fundamentals for when the road stops and the trail begins, and can include basic vehicle retrieval.

The focus of the course is on risk avoidance and incident prevention. Operators will be provided with skills that are designed to increase their productivity and enhance their safety. The course is transportable and can be relocated to any site in Australia and elsewhere.


Cost: $575pp (delivered ex-Adelaide)

Additional: Don’t have access to your own 4WD vehicles? We can hire in late model 4WD vehicles at reasonable rates, you pay a daily rate, plus fuel. P.O.A. Insurance excess may apply. Call.

Click here to download the flyer (157KB PDF)