Increasingly exploration and survey crews use ATVs to cover difficult or fragile lands in their quests. This one-day duration course will appeal to novice or experienced riders of these machines as it takes them along a sensible learning pathway with plenty of real-life challenges. ATVs can be inherently unstable, plenty of operators having come to grief with rollovers, so our program examines why this is so and how to avoid it.

The day commences with a brief theory session that can incorporate Power Point combined with a vehicle familiarisation and preparation workshop. With fluids checked, tyres inflated correctly and controls understood, riders then proceed to the loading and unloading phase of their program, another high-risk activity. Later at our training grounds you’ll be set numerous tasks on a range of terrains that highlight the maximum capability of machine and rider, all underpinned with a heavy safety emphasis. Expect gradients and loose surfaces. You’ll learn the art of shifting your body mass to correct rollover threats, as well as 4WD and diff-lock usage.

Appropriate apparel is an imperative, without helmet, jacket, boots and gloves you shouldn’t be anywhere near one of these vehicles, so we’ll analyse what PPE you’ll require and on the day of your training can supply not only a late-model Yamaha 4WD ATV, but also suitable attire for an additional expense.

Assessment is based around your demonstrated practical skills whilst riding the bike. Don’t worry if you haven’t ridden one before. If you can successfully drive a car you shouldn’t have too much trouble. The program is fully transportable. Ask us about how we can assist you at your site, anywhere in Australia and internationally too.

  • Learn all about the features on your ATV – 4WD HIGH/LOW, diff-lock (where fitted)
  • Develop a checklist of RISKS to avoid whilst riding
  • Maintain vehicle in accordance with your pre-start and post-ride requirements
  • Become fully self-reliant and independent, ready for any eventuality
  • Retrieve your vehicle safely if you are unlucky enough to get bogged

You Need

  • An ATV in good condition, loads secured, fully fuelled, bike carried on trailer or ute tray
  • If you haven’t got a vehicle we can hire you a late model Yamaha ATV
  • Your lunch and drinks or you can elect to buy lunch at the lunch stop
  • Clothing appropriate for the forecast conditions and closed footwear, remember your PPE
  • Hat, sunscreen and sunnies, plus riding gear including helmet, jacket and gloves


  • $650 per person (ex-Adelaide)
  • Hire a Yamaha Grizzly 450 4WD ATV for $175 per bike
  • Discounts may apply to group bookings, POA
  • Add regional delivery fees (where applicable)

Locations and Times

  • Refer to calendar for dates, courses scheduled regularly ex-Adelaide
  • Meet at, 45 North East Road, Collinswood (at bus stop 12 heading out from city) from 7.45am on
  • Session commences at 8.00am and concludes around 5.00pm

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