This Mining Industry program concentrates on what goes on on-road. For staff engaged in production processes in and around the mine site, travelling to and from their administration location or accommodation site, this one-day program addresses the known risks of light vehicle operation.

As many of the country’s mine sites are located in remote areas, there will be times when you will be travelling along roads that are predominantly dirt and gravel and subject to the prevailing weather conditions. Add to that the additional risks of inappropriate speed, driver fatigue, vehicle stability, animal strike, vehicle condition, vehicle separation and more, you have a very difficult mix to manage consistently and safely.

With a well-balanced mix of theory using Power Point and practical driving time attendees will learn plenty about journey management and vehicle control, especially in emergency braking and handling situations, with special attention paid to the differences between 2WD and 4WD.

Courses are scheduled regularly or on demand and can be tailored to suit your requirements. You’ll be assessed on two levels, via your practical skills demonstrated on the day and a post-course theory assessment.

The program is fully transportable. Ask us about how we can assist you at your site, anywhere in Australia and internationally too.

  • Learn all about the featured technologies of your vehicle – ABS/ETC/VSC (where fitted)
  • Develop a checklist of RISKS to avoid whilst behind the wheel
  • Develop confidence behind the wheel and drive defensively in line with your site regulations
  • Maintain vehicle in accordance with your pre-start and post-drive requirements
  • Learn to drive efficiently and safely

You Need

  • A 4WD vehicle in good condition, load secured and with a full tank of fuel
  • If you haven’t got a vehicle we can arrange a hire 4WD from our preferred hire vehicle partners, POA
  • Your lunch and drinks or you can elect to buy lunch at the lunch stop
  • Clothing appropriate for the forecast conditions and closed footwear, remember your PPE
  • Hat, sunscreen and sunnies


  • $435 per person (ex-Adelaide)
  • Discounts may apply to group bookings, POA
  • Add regional delivery fees (where applicable)

Locations and Times

  • Refer to calendar for dates, courses scheduled regularly ex-Adelaide
  • Meet at, 45 North East Road, Collinswood (at bus stop 12 heading out from city) from 7.45am on
  • Session commences at 8.00am and concludes around 5.30pm

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