Grab a gift voucher to join us on one of our incredibly popular recreational courses?

If you’re new to four-wheel driving or even an old hand, there’s always something you can learn whilst behind the wheel and there’s no-one better than Adventure 4WD to show you how. Buying a gift voucher for that special 4WD someone in your life is a great way to show you care!

We’ve taught thousands of 4WD drivers since 1993 how to get the most out of their vehicle ownership and how they can enjoy the lifestyle of touring this great country of ours. We regularly get postcards from exotic locations both near and far, and wherever there are tracks across deserts, mountains and streams, you’ll find Adventure 4WD course attendees racking up the kilometres and seeing some extraordinary landforms.

So how do you join?

Participate in our evergreen beginner’s course First Time Out where in a single day you’ll learn skills that take years to acquire in the school of hard knocks. With an easily understood theory session delivered in our open-air classroom you’ll be track-ready in the space of an hour or so and ready to have a go on the trail.

You might elect once you’ve learnt the fundamentals to go a bit further with our advanced program called Weekend Walkabout. Delivered on selected weekends each year, Weekend Walkabout visits the Limestone Coast in summer and the Flinders Ranges in winter. You’ll comfortably push your skills and understanding to a new high in truly beautiful locations. Weekend Walkabout is in recess at the moment until Covid-19 safe-distancing and density rules are relaxed.

If you’re keen on doing the wallaby and travelling around the country with a camper trailer in tow, then participate in our Tow My Camper course. This intimate, one-on-one single day of learning, just you and your partner with one of our instructors, will have you fully-fledged as a competent tower by day’s end, even reversing! Take all the worry out of holidaying and enjoy the wonders of pulling up in a stunning location and be setup in minutes.

Call us on 08 8342 0202 or email [email protected] and we’ll get you cracking with a voucher that’s valid for 12 months, the recipient only need call us to book their date and then present the voucher on the day to redeem. Let the fun begin!