We have an excellent relationship with a local Adelaide hire car agency who will supply vehicles to our premises and collect them afterwards for your use if you don’t have access to your own 4WD. This facility is very convenient for our Corporate clients who have their own vehicles hard at work in the field and can’t spare them for the training. The range can include latest model Toyota Land Cruiser 79 series utes and wagons. Additionally the Toyota Hilux ute and Toyota Prado wagon and the Ford Ranger are available in automatic transmission too.

Ideally being paired up with a colleague offers the best ratio of drivers to vehicle, 2:1. That’ll maximise the value of the vehicle hire fee and afford plenty of time for each attendee to share the driving tasks set. Ask us for a quote. The rates are very affordable and include a delivery fee to our Collinswood office and a fuel allowance, the service makes your course attendance a breeze.

Insurance on these hire vehicles is fully comprehensive and in the unlikely event you have an accident on the course the following excess will apply (please note that these excesses were correct at the time of writing but may be subject to change):

  • $3,000* basic vehicle excess applies to drivers over 25 years of age
  • Additional $1,000* age excess to the above basic excess applies to drivers under 25 years of age $3,000 (basic) + $1,000 (age) = total $4,000 excess
  • Minimum age of drivers is 21 years of age

*In the event of an accident whilst a vehicle is on hire we will seek out the least expensive option for you – charge for the actual repair cost in the case of minor bingles or in a worst-case scenario, charge the full excess amount if the repair cost exceeds the excess threshold.

Your acceptance of our offer of a hire car provided for your use assumes that you accept responsibility for any additional charges for fuel, insurance excesses and any other costs associated with the hire as they might apply.