General Equipment Conditions Of Hire

  1. Bookings – The full amount of the hire is to be paid in full, in advance, and within 7 days of confirming your intention to hire and will hold your booking pending collection
  2. Deposit – A security deposit is to be paid at the time of collection and shall be in the form of a cash deposit or credit card imprint
  3. Cancellation – In the case of cancellation Adventure 4WD (A4WD) will be notified ASAP and at least 14 days in advance so that the units may be rehired. A4WD agrees to return in full all monies received from the hirer. In the event of cancellation notification being received less than 14 days prior to pickup A4WD reserves the right to withold the hire fee until the equipment is rehired and will return any balance to the hirer. A handling fee will apply where transactions have been made with credit cards
  4. Collection – We will usually permit collection of the equipment a day earlier than the hire period commencement date at no charge to the hirer. At the time of collection A4WD will demonstrate the features of the equipment for correct operation, please allow ample time for this to occur especially with satphones and camper trailers
  5. Return time – The equipment should be returned by 12 noon on the return date. Please call before returning equipment to arrange drop-off time
  6. Use of the equipment – The hirer agrees to use the equipment in accordance with Government laws and regulations as might apply and to keep the equipment clean and in a serviceable condition, fair wear and tear excepted and shall return the equipment in a similarly clean state to that they collected it in
  7. Loss or damage – The hirer is responsible for any loss or damage irrespective of how the loss or damage occurs (fair wear and tear excepted)
  8. Indemnify – The hirer shall indemnify the owner and its employees and agents from and against all claims and demands whatsoever arising from the use and operation and maintenance of the equipment hired
  9. Period – The hire period shall commence from the commencement date and cease when the equipment is returned, unless the equipment is lost or damaged beyond repair. The hirer will pay the owner the value of the equipment (along with any outstanding hire day fees) and only then will the period of hire cease
  10. Repossession – The owner may at any time take possession of the goods without notice and without prejudice to its rights. The hirer will have the balance of their hire fee reimbursed
  11. Breakdown – If there is a breakdown of the equipment then the hirer will return the items to the owner at their expense and in a timely manner. The hirer should not attempt to repair the equipment themselves or via a service agent without the consent of the owner. The owner is not responsible for any loss or expenditure incurred/suffered by the hirer. If the breakdown is caused by the hirer’s negligence or abuse, then the hire period shall end when the equipment has been either repaired or replaced and the hirer has paid for the repair or replacement
  12. Disclaimer – A4WD shall bear no responsibility for any injuries suffered as a result of the use or mis-use of the equipment supplied to the hirer. The hirer is responsible for all medical and transportation expenses as a result of those injuries

Camper Trailer Additional Conditions Of Hire

  1. Use of trailer – The hirer shall disclose the intended route at the time of booking and gain approval from A4WD before commencement of the hire. Use of the trailer is not permitted in areas where Governing authorities deem it unwise or illegal to do so. The hirer is responsible for any retrieval charges in the event of a towing vehicle or trailer breakdown or accident for whatever reason
  2. Speeding and other fines – The hirer is responsible for any speeding infringements, parking or other fines incurred during the period of hire
  3. Outback areas/wet-weather provisions – If the hirer intends travelling through Central Australia, the Kimberley, Outback Queensland or anywhere else where conditions are extraordinary and the trailer requires remediation upon its return or whilst on its journey for failed wheel bearings and/or brakes, shock absorbers and suspension for whatever reason, the hirer is responsible for the cost of those repairs. The hirer acknowledges that travel in wet and/or muddy conditions may result in the failure of said components prematurely and ahead of A4WD’s normal servicing regime and is classified as extraordinary wear and tear
  4. Spares – A4WD will supply (1) set of wheel bearings with each hire for emergencies and (1) spare wheel and tyre, plus a jack and wheelbrace. If any of these are used or lost the hirer agrees to pay the cost of repair or replacement
  5. Cleaning – The hirer will return the trailer to the owner in the same or similar condition to that at the commencement of hire, failure to do so may attract a cleaning fee. Outback conditions will leave a red patina on chassis and roof rack components and heavily stained trailers will require additional cleaning by the owner which the hirer will be liable for
  6. Gas cylinders – The hirer will refill the trailer’s gas cylinders prior to return or you may elect to ask A4WD to do that on your behalf and be charged a refilling fee. The return of the camper with cylinders from a swap program is not permitted
  7. Insurance – A4WD trailers are comprehensively insured and in the event of an accident where total or partial loss occurs, the hirer will pay to the owner a fee of $750 being the excess payable in such event. The insurance does not cover incidental damage to tyres, wheel bearings, brakes, canvas, fittings and fixtures. The hirer is responsible for the restitution of these items and the owner reserves the right to claim reimbursement from the hirer’s deposit
  8. Loss of rent – If a breakdown/accident occurs and the trailer is disabled and/or needs repair or replacement, then the hire period shall end when the equipment has been either repaired or replaced and the hirer has paid for the repair or replacement
  9. Canvas – In the event of canvas spoilage the hirer will be liable for the cleaning, restitching/patching or replacement cost of canvas roof, awning or goods. It is advised not to park under trees or to close the trailer for transit whilst the canvas is wet and drive or store the trailer for periods longer than a day. Wet canvas can become mildewy if left for extended periods in a humid environment with no air circulation. The zippered doors and flyscreens must be pulled back behind the back wall and velcroed together prior to closing the camper to avoid tearing side walls.