September Weekend Walkabout – What a Blast!

News      October 2, 2011      David Wilson

We had one of the best turn-outs for a WW we’ve had in ages thanks to the intrepid gang who joined us in the Bendleby Ranges near Orroroo. WW is our advanced recreational program that we run during the middle months of the year, the best time to be in the Flinders.

With all the accommodation booked, The Springs shearers quarters, Gum Dale and Crotta Homesteads we were packed to the rafters, with just about every 4WD make represented and just about every level of experience too!

Day one involved some getting to know the track, with a great trail drive along the North-South Ridge with soaring tracks to the summits of local hills before plunging down to the valley floor below. Saturday night’s dinner was it’s usual success, a sumptuous BBQ, but the desserts were something else!

Sunday’s drive culminated in the technically tricky Billygoat Ridge with its rocky jump-ups designed to test the undebelly of any low-slung 4WD. But it’s amazing what you can do with some careful placement.

If you want to join us WW runs every other month May to November and is an amazing way to see the southern Flinders Ranges in the company of the best trainers in the country. Here’s theĀ  link to the WW page, call us on (08) 8342 0202 or email [email protected] to book.

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