Adventure 4WD has been around for a long time, in fact in 2018 it’s 25 years in business. In that time our core objectives have been to show drivers/operators the smartest and safest ways of using 4WDs and ATVs. We’d like to think we’ve done a pretty good job of that, but rather than rest on our laurels we like to remind ourselves that there’s still plenty to do.

If you, like us, value the Australian landscape and want to continue to travel the length and breadth of the country either for work or for play, follow these guidelines as your template for maximum safety and minimum impact.

10 Ways To 4WD Responsibly & Safely

  1. Use HIGH range 4WD whenever you move onto a dirt road space (if you already have a constant 4WD you’re in front with better control, but consider locking your centre-differential)
  2. Travel no faster than 80kph when you’re on the dirt (even then only if the road conditions will support that speed)
  3. ALWAYS drive with your headlights on (24/7 no excuses, you need to be seen)
  4. ALWAYS wear your seatbelt (you’ll look like a dill if you rearrange your face with the windscreen)
  5. Insist that your 4WD vehicle has as a minimum ABS brakes, but better still fitted with VSC and ETC (stability control and traction control are ace)
  6. On any big journey make sure you’re well prepared (vehicle is in tip-top condition, leave travel plan with a responsible friend or colleague, carry plenty of fuel and water and don’t forget a Satphone)
  7. To preserve your tyres and the track space reduce your pressures (see our safety tips page for the reasons why)
  8. Stick to the existing track and trail network and don’t drive on vegetation, wetlands or anything else that’s fragile
  9. Leave gates as you find them, give stock a wide berth and don’t tamper with watering points
  10. Avoid travelling in the bush at night (the risk of animal strike is too great)