John B. 20/12/2010 (Off-Road 4WD 2D)

      August 3, 2014      David Wilson

Training courses don’t need to be fun, they simply need to convey information to the attendees. However, when people are having fun they are interested – and when people are interested, they’re learning.

I learnt a lot doing this course, probably because it’s the most fun I’ve ever had on a training course. Ever. I have attended similar 4WD sessions in the past, and none has been as comprehensive and professional as the course I attended at Adventure 4WD. The staff seem to know everything about using 4WD vehicles, but never come across as ‘know it alls’ and their obvious passion and enthusiasm for everything 4WD translates in to a great learning environment.

After my previous 4WD course, I felt as though I knew just enough to ‘get by’ behind the wheel of a 4WD – perhaps it was more like knowing enough to be dangerous! After the Adventure 4WD course, I feel safer, more confident and better equipped to drive the various 4WD vehicles that my corporation maintains.

I almost wish I hadn’t done the course – so I could do it again.