Sair and Anna WW Limestone Coast 28-29/11/15

      December 10, 2015      David Wilson

Hi David,

Thank you so much again for the best experience. We loved it.

Can you tell me where we entered the Salt Creek section off of the highway?  You know where we stopped at the camp ground to have lunch on the first day and let the tyres down?  I can’t see it on the map….

Also, what is the best tyre and rim I should get for the Isuzu?  I want nicer rims but nothing ridiculous. Laurie was talking about getting truck tyres or something??? Where is the best place to get them from?

Thanks again mate,

Sair and Anna WW Limestone Coast 28-29/11/15

Reply from David

Hey Sarah,

Glad to hear you got home okay. My stay in Mt Gambier was a little apocalyptic on Monday, just needed locusts and I would have had every tempest covered! Nothing like our weather over the weekend!

Entry to TTX and the camp area there is done via the Old Coach Road just over the bridge at Salt Creek, travel I reckon 3 kms or so and you’ll see the gate for the crossing on the RHS, weave your way around the scrub and emerge on the claypipe and follow the posts.

Re wheels, we use CSA alloys, Granite pattern you saw on the weekend, and also we have a set of Raptors which are my favourite. Depending on how long you intend keeping the car will influence the size you’ll fit as you might consider a suspension upgrade that will facilitate a larger diameter wheel combo (like we’ve done) to increase your ground clearance. I think you noted you were touching down in places where I wasn’t.

With ARB suspension in place you could run LT265/75R16 123R which would give you the strongest tyre size with a 123 load index (= 1550kgs carrying capacity per tyre Vs your current 110=1060kgs, around 50% stronger) which will make you puncture-proof. If you opted for a 17” wheel you could do like we did on the weekend with LT265/70R17 121S (121=1450kgs).

If you keep your standard suspension you’ll only be able to go LT245/75R16 120P or LT265/65R17 120S. The smaller diameter of these guarantees fitment under the wheel-arches without fouling.

Better check your tyre placard too before we get too excited about this.

The tyre type/brand is Toyo OPAT2. Get them from Darryl at Tyrepower Blackwood. Before you do it though let me send him an email so you get the best price (I don’t get commission on these sales), just want to make sure you get the right product.