Simon M. 25-26/10/12 (ENFREM)

      August 3, 2014      David Wilson


Thanks for your follow-up call today (22/3/13) to see how we’ve been going since we did the course with you back in October. You’ll remember that we were working on a major engineering project in the Snowy Mountains. What’s become pretty clear is that we have a group of drivers who’ve attended the course and another we’re really going to need to get on the course and soon, as those who are waiting their turn are doing it much harder than those who been through.

There’s been days when I’ve said to myself and colleagues that previously an understeer or oversteer moment would have been the norm on the dirt and likely to send me into a wall, now it doesn’t happen. I can’t believe I’ve been under the misguided view for all my driving years that 4WD was only reserved for when I get bogged! How wrong was that!

Every time I get on the dirt now the vehicles is in 4WD and the difference in safety is huge. I’m from the country and off a farm, so I’m a 4WD user from way back. The skills you’ve shown our group has been worth every cent and I’ve already recommended to management that this program should be mandatory across all of our projects.