Nissan Patrol

Track Tests      November 20, 2013      David Wilson

The new Patrol is a big, big, 4WD wagon that’s full of traditional off-road attributes and thankfully that dopey term SUV won’t apply here. Breaking from Patrol tradition however is a full-time transmission. Yep, hubs have bit the dust! With a bevy of traction electronics the Patrol made mincemeat of our test track, nothing was going to stop it. But that’s probably missing the point with this vehicle because its likely role is as an uber-tower (that’s tow as in a caravan), albeit a thirsty one as its petrol only… I suppose if you’re going to use a lot of fuel you might as well enjoy it and the Patrol’s V8 makes good noise! Ultra comfortable around town and safe as houses with a full suite of safety dynamics, the new Patrol challenges buyers of Range Rover, to consider an alternative.

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