Rent An Iridium Satphone

Uncategorized      September 18, 2020      David Wilson

If you fancy some Outback wanderlust, yet you’re wanting to stay in touch with the folks back home, great peace-of-mind comes in the form of satellite communications and the knowledge you can call from anywhere, anytime with our satphones.

Adventure 4WD rent Motorola Iridium 9555 satphone handsets starting at $140 for 7 days hire and for longer periods with a reducing daily rate per week. Call charges are $1.50/30 seconds and whilst that might sound steep, if you’re using the phone just for emergencies there’ll be no more to pay, just the rental fee. Apart from that if you need it what value do you place on your wellbeing?

Our current rate card is found here

The phones come in a convenient Pelican hard case along with an information/user guide, a 240V wall charger, a 12V car charger and an car kit with external roof mounted antenna.

Operation is simple; turn the phone on and extend the antenna. The phone will search for the closest Iridium satellite and log on, the phone will display Registered and is now ready for use. Dialing couldn’t be easier because its on a Telstra plan, mobile numbers are identical to those you’d use back in town, whilst landlines just need their area code punched in before the phone number and emergency is still 000. The phones will also permit SMS at $2/message and they are equipped with voicemail. They don’t take pictures and you can’t access the internet, it’s calls and texts only.

Ideal for school camps, solo and group Outback 4WD travellers, motorcycle riders and bushwalkers. The phones are compact, convenient and reliable.

Call us on (08)8342 0202 or 0429 097 994 for bookings or email [email protected]

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