Carolyn L. 10-11/8/12 (Weekend Walkabout)

      August 3, 2014      David Wilson

Well David I think it is only now sinking in what you have helped me to achieve!

It has taken a good 24 – 36 hours for the adrenalin to settle and going back over the photos just makes it real. It was unfortunate that Pete couldn’t go on this trip, but then again, if he had I would never have done the drive up Billygoat ridge! I think if I can do that, I can probably do anything, not just extreme 4WD, but anything I have been putting off due to fear. I realise it was a team effort, with the guidance of Drew and Laurie, and the support and confidence of my sister Trish who has gone up the same ridge with her hubby before, and of course driving the Prado that just gets in and does it with ease, but still amazing. I don’t know that I would ever choose to do anything as radical as the ridge again, but I know that I can, and now have so much more confidence getting in and having a go, without giving myself an ulcer! I would say to all the other women out there who usually sit back and let their husbands drive, you never know when an emergency might force you into a situation where you have to do the drive out, so make use of the expert tuition from Adventure 4WD and give it a go!

I will now try and get hubby to do the weekend so that he can learn all the tricks and traps, but also so he can really appreciate what I did! You really have to be there and go up to understand. Even Trish who has done heaps of 4WD learnt a bit that she will put to good use on their 4WD trips with “Prado Point”. She was very impressed with the way your guys broke the ridge climb up into smaller bits and walked and talked us through – they (Prado Point) often have novice drivers in their group and are hosting the national get together starting in the Bendleby and Hungry Rangers on the October long weekend. It was great to bond with everyone in the group and I think we have made some new friends out of it too who we will keep in touch with. Once again, thanks so much. Will get back to you soon when we can schedule one of Pete’s trips home with a Weekend Walkabout! Have attached a few photos for you that are different from the ones the boys took.