Charlotte and David B. 3 & 6/3/13 (First Time Out)

      August 3, 2014      David Wilson

Hey David,

I’ve just sat down with dad, and we thought we’d formulate you a response together!! We had a fantastic day on Saturday, you weren’t wrong about Drew and Laurie being super helpful and really informative!! Personally, I felt that they helped my confidence heaps, in that they were able to tell me what both the vehicle and I could and couldn’t do. I suppose you heard on the grapevine that I got her well and truly stuck in the quarry sand!! Another good demonstration there of a vehicle retrieval – oops!

Dad made a suggestion that the explanations about the inside workings of the 4wd transmission systems are great – but in order to illustrate this more directly on an interactive level, perhaps a model of a differential which people could play with could supplement the point? We also both agreed that perhaps the theory session would be more convenient if it began a little earlier – we found the finishing time of 10.30pm pretty late and made for a tiring night. We definitely agree the session shouldn’t be shortened, because everything we learned was useful and relevant however.

We had such a great experience with you guys, and for myself, it was such a memorable 21st birthday present with lasting skills that I can take away from these couple of days. Thanks so much for all your great correspondence leading up to the sessions, your enthusiasm and expertise. We will both be recommending the course to others.

Best regards,