Dave 25/6/10 (Hybrid 4WD Program)

      August 3, 2014      David Wilson
Hi David, The course was very valuable in many ways. Personally it was fun and challenging. Professionally the course satisfied the needs of educating myself and fellow colleagues on how to tackle obstacles and the difficult driving conditions that we do face whilst in the remote areas we frequent especially in the winter months. I found this course also taught, not to take advantage or under estimate driving conditions whether good or bad, on or off road. It teaches you not to become to complacent with any vehicle at any time as it can go all wrong before you know it, if you know what I mean. Prior to the course I did not know much at all about 4WD’s or the functions they were capable of in all conditions. During the off road training, observing and also doing what was required, I was amazed and very surprised to learn what these vehicles are actually capable of conducting. Actually DOING was a lot easier than I expected and OBSERVING was a lot more scarier than I imagined. It was “how the hell can you do that in a vehicle and not roll it etc”. To sum the course up – definitely well worth being involved in and the instructor Drew obviously knew his business. Drew was very patient with us amateurs, who no doubt probably frustrated him at times. Drew was very professional and an asset to your organisation on all levels.