Gary H. WW Sept 2011

      August 3, 2014      David Wilson

Hi Dave,

I know you have heard this many a time, and you keep on hearing it but…

Jodi-Anne and I had a fantastic time at Bendleby! We both enjoyed the two days. Loved the driving, the Crotta, the scenery, the people, the training – the whole lot. I thought the training excellent, interactive, fun and cool!! You and your team have good energy.

I am very glad that we had put time aside to do this; and for me; the weekend has left a legacy of adventure-travel in my everyday thinking. The event has opened up so many directions for lifestyle change and travel – something that we are both keen to get on with.

Thank you also for the chance in speaking with us directly and the advice and knowledge you imparted; much appreciated.

And, I am also about to edit the go-pro footage – could you use any of it?

Well I’m a person who speaks little and has very little to write, so I can add no further, and hope that my message speaks the thousand words it’s meant to.

Gary & Jodi-Anne

PS – I don’t know where to include this part and you may have already considered it: could you design a rear wheel cover, with the same design as the badges given out on the WW, and presented this? It would be a very tidy piece of marketing!

Gary H. WW Sept 2011

Reply from David


Thanks so much for the kind words, so glad the chinwag we had on Saturday night gave you a bit more clarity with your future plans.

The three of us had a great time too, always makes it easy when you’ve got a top group of people and they’re keen!

I’d be happy to get some edited vision from your camera. I’ve heard a lot about them and have been thinking a GoPro might be useful for us too. If you don’t mind doing it I’ll happily put it on our YouTube channel for the gang to see. My vision from my Sony will take a bit longer to knock out… it’s that time thing (lack of).

I’m going surfing this weekend, hope the two of you find a piece of the great outdoors to enjoy as well!