August 3, 2014      David Wilson

Hi David!

Thanks for your tips! We had a great time pushing our own limits in the national park at coffin bay. We lowered the tires and went through the soft sand of Gunyah. Going up a hill felt the traction control kick in as we got some wheel spin but the Prado continued to climb giving us a spectacular view. After a trip down to the beach and an unsuccessful search for cockles we went back on the track and headed off to Black Springs past Yangie. All weather was experienced we had beautiful sun followed by heavy quick rainstorms and even some light flooding giving us kids some fun water to drive through. Here are a few happy snaps for you!

Thank you for your help and guidance through our first time out course, without it the car would have stayed clean forever I imagine. Dad especially loved being able to let the tires down and have a flawless 4×4 experience through terrain that our close friends have tackled and got bogged before. Dad was confident enough in our own abilities and the capabilities of the car especially to let the two p platers (my friend and i) have a decent slog through the track. I was surprised to see his knuckles were still flesh coloured! A new found confidence that we all embraced! Mum on the other hand freaked out as soon as she heard the downhill assist kick in! What fun for the lot of us!!

Thank you again Dave, we have already recommended your course to many of our friends and you will most likely have some of them giving you a shout in the coming year or so. I look forward to hopefully booking in for a weekend walkabout once school is finished perhaps with a few mates too!