Kirsty W. 08/08/2012 (SA Government Defensive Refresher 1D)

      August 3, 2014      David Wilson

Hi David

I had good day out with Drew for the 4WD training course. I actually found the 4WD component (off road) more enjoyable and was able to gain more confidence in manoeuvring the vehicle through sand, water, un-even ground and even the braking suddenly on the mudflats (although I was nervous beforehand). The experience driving through the Adelaide Hills was also good practice and I was able to increase my speed more than I had previously given my fears of tight bends etc.

My main obstacle now is concentrating on multi-lane freeways (e.g. South Eastern Freeway) particularly maintaining speed on the decent and not being fearful of trucks/cars in the lanes adjacent to me. This is something that I will have to get over with more practice. I have since been on the freeway twice but am still a bit nervous particularly on the decent.