Meagan R. 22/12/2010 (Off-Road 4WD 2D)

      August 3, 2014      David Wilson

“There’s nothing better when you have absolutely no knowledge on a subject than to be able to walk away feeling confident and excited to get out and try the skills you’ve learned”. This is how I felt after completing the Adventure 4WD course recently.

Drew was an exceptional instructor not only because he is so competent and knowledgeable but because his absolute enthusiasm was engaging and made the course so much fun.

Armed with sound theoretical knowledge we engaged in some field work at Lyndoch. The weather even helped: changeable conditions combined with a variety of terrain, allowed us to put a variety of newly-learned skills into practice.

It was almost like the elements conspired to provide me with my very own final exam: in the last stages of the course the sky opened up and on a final “go through” I got into some trouble. But with what I had learned I was able to do a self-recovery without even getting out of the car and getting wet in the torrential rain … and this of course is the most important and valuable outcome any training course can provide for a participant. My work requires me sometimes to engage in 4 wheel driving and the course has given me the knowledge and confidence to be better able to avoid problematical driving situations and to deal with those which might occur.

I cannot recommend the course highly enough to anyone who, for professional or personal reasons, wants or needs to learn about 4 wheel driving!