Seb D. 22/09/2011 (Off-Road 2D)

      August 3, 2014      David Wilson

To A4WD,
The tyre pressure recommendations were totally different to a previous course I did, it was great to clarify this, I’ll definitely run less pressure now (Editors Note – Tyre pressure is an art not fully understood by many and it would seem even some driving instructors get it wrong. The previous advice received by Seb was to inflate to 40psi across all road surfaces, irrespective of vehicle type or weight. This is poor advice that will increase tyre wear, increase puncture susceptibility, create a dangerous handling precedent on dirt and bitumen and increase braking distances. Sure, inflation to 40psi or even more on tyres carrying particularly heavy loads and of light truck construction is warranted (see your placard) but needs to be adjusted to suit terrain).
4WD on all dirt roads and also utilising LOW RANGE more often is a great new skill. I was previously an exclusive (just about) 4 HIGH man!