Stephen 21/6/10 (Defensive 4WD)

      August 3, 2014      David Wilson
I have driven 4WD vehicles all of my driving life and have experienced both mud and sand off road adventures. I drive a compact 4WD professionally. I found the 4WD Defensive driver training, contained useful information, guidance and practical advice to enhance my 4WD driving. The theory session expanded my knowledge of 4WD powertrain components and electronic systems. Tyre speed/weight/pressure information was also of interest and I can see that I will be passing this info on to others that I 4WD with. I was impressed by the manner in which the vehicles were set up with radios to make communicating amongst the group, easy and effective. The driving skills practiced and developed in the forest, allowed for clear demonstration of the strengths and weaknesses of the different vehicles braking, stability and traction control features. The team had a great time, and took away a vast increase in driving knowledge.