Sue H. 19/10/15 SAGOR2 (4WD 2 Day)

      December 10, 2015      David Wilson

Hi David

Hope you had a good weekend watching the bikes 🙂

Just a line to let you know how much I enjoyed the weekend, have been putting the 4WD in action on the gravel, heaps better on our shit roads and did a roadie with hubby this weekend through wool shed flat road and even he admitted how much better Tilly was in handling corners – “Her arse end doesn’t slide out” and she grips much better!

Had it serviced this week, handbrake adjusted , brakes and pads OK, cleaned out the air cleaner plug thingy, tyres rotated and nuts manually tensioned…. Think that covered it.

When you get a chance could you send me the details on the Tokyo tyres please?

Thank heaps

Sue H. 19/10/15 SAGOR2 (4WD 2 Day)

Reply from David


So glad to hear the recommendations are working for you, keep up with the practise and it’ll enhance your safety over the longer term.

Re the tyres, I think from memory you’re currently running 10R15, but can I get you to look at the placard and tell me what was originally on the vehicle??? It’ll be something like 255/70R15…

Once I know that I can make some recommendations on alternatives from Toyo’s range.