Adventure 4WD Camper Trailer Hire

May 11, 2016      David Wilson

Since 1999 we’ve been offering Kimberley Kamper trailers for hire here in Adelaide from our Collinswood address 45 North East Road. We selected Kimberley as our camper of choice because of their incredible construction, a design that’s been copied by many other makers since, but seldom matched. The strength in the Kimberley design is their […]

Summer 4WD Safety

September 29, 2014      David Wilson

  Government and industry business usually doesn’t take much of a holiday over summer, so whilst the rest of the world is kicking back and relaxing, plenty of dedicated souls are attending to the management of public lands and infrastructure. Earlier in the year we analysed what challenges the Outback posed in winter. Six months […]

Nat Geo TV in the Flinders Ranges

December 19, 2013      David Wilson

National Geographic TV in partnership with Land Rover have a great competition on at the moment where you can win your own “Great Escape”, a long weekend away at either The Barossa, Daylesford in Victoria or Noosa in Queensland, with flights, accommodation, dining and the use of a Land Rover all part of the deal. […]

Meet The DTV Shredder!

June 26, 2013      David Wilson

DTV… that’s Dual-Track Vehicle. Here’s a new take on personal mobility that’s part skateboard, part bobcat, part ATV and I reckon it’s awesome! It’s the brainchild of a couple of young Canadian guys who came up with the concept of a high-mobility vehicle that would appeal to skaters and surfers. Using a 200cc 4 stroke engine […]

Range Rover Diesel Hybrid Coming Soon!

June 17, 2013      David Wilson

Still on the technology front there’s something else to cheer on from the Land Rover camp and that’s my personal holy grail of living long enough to see a proper “hybrid” – a diesel-electric and 4WD. You see the Toyota (and others) method of using a petrol-electric combo is crap. As clever as the technology […]

September Weekend Walkabout – What a Blast!

October 2, 2011      David Wilson

We had one of the best turn-outs for a WW we’ve had in ages thanks to the intrepid gang who joined us in the Bendleby Ranges near Orroroo. WW is our advanced recreational program that we run during the middle months of the year, the best time to be in the Flinders. epsxe apk With […]