Meet The DTV Shredder!

News      June 26, 2013      David Wilson

DTV… that’s Dual-Track Vehicle.

Here’s a new take on personal mobility that’s part skateboard, part bobcat, part ATV and I reckon it’s awesome!

It’s the brainchild of a couple of young Canadian guys who came up with the concept of a high-mobility vehicle that would appeal to skaters and surfers. Using a 200cc 4 stroke engine coupled up to a power divider to drive the two tracks with a clever torque/load sensing differential, the rider leans and powers on to turn the vehicle. It’s a whole lot like using a Bobcat’s hand controls except the body lean does the pulling/pushing of the traditional lever functions. With a top speed of around 30mph or 50kph it’s pretty quick for a gadget that will transport a rider over all sorts of terrain. Here’s a link to a video that explains the concept


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