Rent An Iridium Satphone

September 18, 2020      David Wilson

If you fancy some Outback wanderlust, yet you’re wanting to stay in touch with the folks back home, great peace-of-mind comes in the form of satellite communications and the knowledge you can call from anywhere, anytime with our satphones. Adventure 4WD rent Motorola Iridium 9555 satphone handsets starting at $140 for 7 days hire and […]

A Tale Of A Roly-Poly Prado

August 23, 2016      David Wilson

Just received a cracker story from our Northern Territory correspondent Tighe McIntyre. I’ve known Tighe for a long time and apart from his affliction with Land Rovers he’s an awesome bloke (yeah I know I’ve gone in to bat for Rovers too in the past)! Read on…   Hi David, Thought that I would share […]

Don’t Risk Crossing A Flooded Stream!!!

June 28, 2016      David Wilson

Pic Above: On the way to Seaham in NSW you can expect this every now and again In recent weeks I’ve been doing a lot of training in watery environments and noting the bigger storm events that have charged across SE Australia with dangerous results. It got me thinking how safe are fording depths suggested […]

ARB Front Of Vehicle Recovery Points

June 24, 2016      David Wilson

gaming mouse under $50   There’s a lot of regulation in this country and at times too much lawmaking for lawmaking’s sake, but a recently observed change in the National Training Standard RIIVEH305D (now replaced by RIIVEH305E) where the use of snatch-straps as a viable recovery tool has been dropped, surprised me a little. Retrieving […]

Hello Smart Design… The ATV Lifeguard, intelligent ROPS For ATVs

September 24, 2014      David Wilson

In June of 2013 we published in this BLOG our views on what should be done to enhance rider safety with ATVs with a 10 point message. It’s good reading and smart practice based on years of personal experience with the machines, on the farm and in the workplace and analysing the accident reports we […]